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About US We do things differently around here

There is much more to be done than just Penetration Testing.

Formed in 2014, we partner with our clients to deliver services across different domains of cybersecurity. From our humble beginnings with 2 staff members, delivering advisory and penetration testing services, we now have over 30 team members delivering advisory, penetration testing and managed security services via our 24x7x365 Australian-based Security Operations Centre (SOC). We work with clients to implement high quality services on-time and on-budget.

We have achieved success due to our primary focus being service delivery and ensuring all our clients are treated the same, no matter how much they spend.

Our mantra: Hope is not a strategy – effective and holistic cybersecurity control is.

Our Values

Whatever it takes

It doesn’t matter if we are a large team or a small one. We all help each other because, at Triskele Labs, we work as one team. We dig deep, roll up our sleeves and put in the effort since we believe that we reap what we sow. We go the extra mile and get work done to deliver excellence and in doing so, instil trust within our customers.

Deliver Awesome

Our passion reflects in everything we do. As the customer, if you are not happy with what you get, we then keep working until you are satisfied with the result. 80% is not good enough for us and we strive to always deliver what is needed. We celebrate wins with the team and let each other know when awesome has been achieved.

2 Ears, 1 Mouth

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.  We know that those who say half as much, realise they hear more, learn more and get more done. We make sure we always confirm what we think we heard, to ensure things get done effectively.


Times Ten Thinking

Whatever the current view of the situation, there is always a better view of the situation — if we only look for it. There will always be a way to improve something through thinking creatively. The more we think, the better the outcome. Listen and learn from the team and we will all grow.

All About The Team

Politics and secret agendas do not have a place at Triskele Labs. Knowledge, sharing and consideration are the keys to success. Always consider your team, think about what you say before you say it. Deliver on what you have committed to, no matter how small or large the task is.

Love What You Do

While the work we do is serious, it is important to have fun while we are doing it. We spend more time at work than home and it is important to enjoy coming in to work every day. We make sure every member of our team has a meaningful work experience. A few games of ping pong help every now and then!

Our mission

Our mission is simple: provide flexible cybersecurity services to everyone. We work together to implement cybersecurity services rather than just audit controls. Our teams understand the controls they are auditing and don’t just follow a checklist. We work with clients across Australia, New Zealand and Singapore to deliver effective controls. Our core customer verticals include:

  • Authorised deposit-taking institutions
  • Private health insurers
  • Superannuation companies
  • Retailers
  • Software developers
  • Not-for-profit organisations