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Cyber Wonderland


What do you get when a bunch of security professionals sit around and talk about a heap of topics, undertake a heap of research and want to publish cool vulnerabilities in one spot and don’t think the blog is the right place? You fall down the rabbit hole into the Cyber Wonderland.

This is the area of Triskele Labs that you can fall down pretty easily. It is where we post super techy blogs, research topics and videos on vastly different topics. If you want to see us chat about something or research a topic, let us know.

Cybeers – Ransomware

Hear the team talk about Ransomware, should you pay and what should you be doing.

Cybeers- Ransomware

Intercepting Xamarin Mobile App Traffic 

During a recent mobile application engagement, the Triskele Labs Penetration Testing team came across an application built with the Xamarin framework. Xamarin is an application platform for building Android and iOS apps with .NET and C#. This differs from traditional mobile applications frameworks where Android applications are usually developed in Java or Kotlin and iOS applications are developed separately in Swift or Objective-C. Even though there are similarities in mobile testing methodologies […]

The Internal Monologue Attack – NTLM Hash Extraction 

On an increasingly frequent basis during internal infrastructure penetration testing engagements, the Triskele Labs Ethical Hacking Team is finding that protections for traditional extraction of credentials from host memory are maturing. Gone are the days where a Mimikatz binary could be dropped to perform this task, and going are the days where these attacks can be executed remotely from memory, thanks […]