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CPS234 is intended to ensure APRA regulated entities are implementing appropriate Information Security controls and resilience against cyber-threats. The key objective before 1 July 2019 is to minimise the likelihood and impact of a successful incident on the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information assets.

Triskele Labs helps regulated entities including banks, credit unions, building societies, insurance companies and superannuation companies to assess against CPS234 and implement all controls. We provide end to end services to help regulated entities reduce risk and implement controls around the clock.

Why Triskele Labs?
  • Experts in CPS234 for Banks and Health Insurers
  • 30+ CPS234 Gap Assessments Conducted
  • SOC Deployed to 20+ APRA Regulated Entities
  • Strategies & Roadmaps Developed for 25+ Banks

We Implement Security for 30+ APRA Regulated Entities

CPS234 Gap Assessments

The Triskele Labs team can help you to comply with CPS234 by conducting a gap assessment against CPG234 and assisting to understand where your priorities are for compliance.

24x7x365 SOC

Our Security Operations Centre meets a significant amount of detect capabilities within CPS234 and operates for 20+ APRA regulated entities at present. See the SOC page for more details.

Strategy & Roadmap

CPG234 requires APRA regulated entities to develop a strategy and roadmap for cybersecurity. The Triskele Labs team work together to develop a strategic approach to implement required controls.

Control Testing

All organisations must test cyber defences to ensure controls are in place. The Triskele Labs CREST Registered team can assist with all your testing needs. See our other pages for more details.

Policy Framework

The Triskele Labs advisory team assist organisations across Australia to develop policies, processes and procedures. Our specialist advisors will work with you to develop specialist documents.

Executive Briefing

Cybersecurity requires a top-down approach to be effective. The Triskele Labs team work with Executives from all types of APRA regulated entities to make sure security gains support and starts from the top.

Information Management

the Triskele Labs team can assist APRA Regulated Entities to conduct information audits and workshops to identify the criticality and sensitivity of information.

Third Party Reviews

While controls may be implemented internally, third parties may not be implementing the same level of controls. Our team assists to review 3rd parties and ensure they are secure.

Control Implementation

Our dedicated security team of over 20 advisors with years of experience form one of the only companies in Australia who can implement CPS234 controls from end to end.

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Regional Australia Bank

As one of Australia's leading mutual banks, it is imperative Regional Australia Bank ensures appropriate cybersecurity controls are implemented. When they needed a cybersecurity partner, the team at Regional Australia Bank turned to Triskele Labs to draw on our vast experience and ensure proactive controls are implemented.

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We are CPS234 Specialists

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Information Security Capability
  • Policy Framework
  • Classification of All Data Assets
  • Implementation of Controls
  • Incident Management
  • Testing Control Effectiveness
  • Internal Audit
  • Notification

Dedicated Cyber Team

We are a dedicated cybersecurity team of over 20 and cybersecurity is all we do. We understand a risk based approach.

Trusted Partner

Don't trust teams that aren't purely focused on cybersecurity. It is important that your cyber partner don't just work off checklists.

Increase Assurance

Why trust your infrastructure provider of MSP? Don't allow them to mark their own homework, utilise a 3rd party for assurance.

End to End

We are the only cybersecurity advisory company with CPS234 experience that can deliver an end to end holistics service to meet CPS234.

Keep in Touch

Triskele Labs is built on a partnership approach. We appreciate face to face discussions over a Video Conference and ensure regular touch points with all of our clients. Reach out today to discuss any of your cybersecurity needs.

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