NIST Cybersecurity Review

Review Your Cybersecurity End to End

Cybersecurity has been an ongoing and maturing industry for many years. Historically, compliance frameworks such as ISO27001 were utilised to conduct a review of cybersecurity across the business. This resulted in a cumbersome document split across 12 domains that was difficult to follow and develop remediation plans for.

2014 saw the release of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) which seeks to provide a baseline for how organisations can Identify, Precent and Respond cybersecurity threats. Originally designed for Critical Infrastructure (such as SCADA), the CSF has been widely adopted by the private sector due to it’s straightforward approach and ability to report on 5 key domains.

The team at Triskele Labs have also embraced this framework and utilise this to conduct cybersecurity reviews, develop strageis and roadmaps and provide Executive Reporting metrics.

Why Triskele Labs?
  • Reviews conducted for 100+ organisations
  • Former security managers and CISOs
  • Dedicated cybersecurity team
  • Detailed reporting, strategy and roadmap

Trust Us to Review Your Cybersecurity and Develop Your Strategy

End to End Review

Our advisory team will attend onsite to conduct a review of cybersecurity across your business. This will include documentation reviews and workshops to gain a holistic understanding.

Onsite Assessment

All reviews are conducted onsite to develop a relationship with our clients. We believe in forming ongoing partnerships to ensure you have a trusted partner to work with.

Controls Veritifcation

We do not simply rely on workshops. Our technical team attend to conduct a review of access control, vulnerabilities, security configuration and policies to ensure an end to end process.

Detailed Report

Triskele Labs provide a detailed report outlining gaps, current maturity, recommendations and future maturity. This ensures that all future decisions are made following a risk based approach.


Triskele Labs develop cybersecurity strategies outlining current maturity, future maturity, organisational chart and budget so stakeholders are aware how cybersecurity is being managed.


We will develop a 36-month strategies to outline the monthly tasks required to uplift cybersecurity and reach the desired maturity level. This ensure continual Executive oversight.

We have worked with some of the best companies across the globe

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Regional Australia Bank

As one of Australia's leading mutual banks, it is imperative Regional Australia Bank ensures appropriate cybersecurity controls are implemented. When they needed a cybersecurity partner, the team at Regional Australia Bank turned to Triskele Labs to draw on our vast experience and ensure proactive controls are implemented.

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Holistic End to End Review

  • Asset Management
  • Business Environment
  • Governance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Access Control
  • Awareness & Training
  • Data Security
  • Information Protection, Processes & Procedures
  • Maintenance
  • Anomalies & Events
  • Security & Continuous Monitoring
  • Detection Processes
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Incident Response Communications
  • Incident Response Analysis
  • Incident Response Mitigation
  • Incident Response Improvements
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Improvements
  • Disaster Recovery Communications

Uplift Maturity

Following the NIST CSF allows you to implement controls across all facets of cybersecurity and uplift in core areas.

Provide Assurance

Assurance can be provided internally that cybersecurity is being managed as there is defined outcomes.

Executive Reporting

Reporting on the NIST CSF is straightforward based on the 5 domain as opposed to 12 for ISO27k making reporting simple.

Follow Standard

Because everything is interconnected, common and accessible reference points are defined and followed.

Peer Comparison

A lot of organisations are adopting the NIST CSF. This allows for benchmarking and comaprison across industries.

Measure Evolution

The CSF profile empowers you to identify opportunities for improvement by revealing the gaps and the target state.

Security Program

A NIST CSF review allows Triskele Labs to build a full program, not just conduct a Risk Assessment, providing ongoing assurance.

End to End Review

The CSF is made up of 5 functions, 23 categories and 108 subcategories to ensure a holistic review across the whole organisation.

Keep in Touch

Triskele Labs is built on a partnership approach. We appreciate face to face discussions over a Video Conference and ensure regular touch points with all of our clients. Reach out today to discuss any of your cybersecurity needs.

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