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Review Your Defences to Reduce Risk

Do you understand where the key risks are across your organisation or the general level of cybersecurity maturity? If not, it is important to conduct a general cybersecurity health-check to ensure controls are in place across User Controls, Firewall Configuration, Email Security, Web Security, Vulnerability Scanning, Log Management and Remote Access.

Our specialist cybersecurity advisors will conduct a non-technical and technical review of your organisation to asses your level of risk and provide direction where to focus time and resources.

Why Triskele Labs?
  • Dedicated Cybersecurity Advisors
  • Australian Based Team
  • Onsite Assessment
  • Cost Effective Holistic Review

Trust Triskele Labs to Conduct a Cybersecurity Checkup

$8k Assessment

Starting from only $8k, Triskele Labs will conduct an end to end health-check across your organisation. This includes both a hands-off and a technical hands-on review.

Holistic Review

Triskele Labs utilise International standards such as the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and ISO27001 to conduct an end to end review of your organisation.

Actionable Items

We take a risk based approach to ensure all recommendations provide the best bang for buck. This allows you to immediately reduce risk with actionable recommendations.

We have worked with some of the best companies across the globe

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Regional Australia Bank

As one of Australia's leading mutual banks, it is imperative Regional Australia Bank ensures appropriate cybersecurity controls are implemented. When they needed a cybersecurity partner, the team at Regional Australia Bank turned to Triskele Labs to draw on our vast experience and ensure proactive controls are implemented.

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Conduct a Holistic Review

  • Firewall Review
  • User Access Review
  • Email Security
  • Log Monitoring
  • Web Security
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Remote Access

Framework Review

The Triskele Labs team will review policies, processes and procedures to understand the internal approach to cybersecurity.

Non-Technical Review

Our advisors hold stakeholder workshops to understand how cybersecurity is being managed across the business.

Technical Review

The specialist technical team will conduct a controls assessment utilising techniques to verify the items discussed during the hands-off reviews.

Detailed Report

Our reporting outlines the gaps identified and provides detailed, actionable recommendations for how to reduce risk.

Keep in Touch

Triskele Labs is built on a partnership approach. We appreciate face to face discussions over a Video Conference and ensure regular touch points with all of our clients. Reach out today to discuss any of your cybersecurity needs.

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