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Its not just the technology in an organisation that’s at risk. Users are one of the biggest risk areas when it comes to cybersecurity. The systems can be as secure as any in the world, but if the users don’t recognise the signs of manipulation then it will still be at a high risk of compromise.

Our specialist team conduct onsite Social Engineering, manipulating users into providing access to sensitive areas and systems which can then be compromised to gain access to sensitive information. This is not just limited to phishing as we take social engineering to the next level and include physical social engineering, phone, fax, post and USB dead drops.

This allows you to test your Information Security Policy and how your staff respond. By engaging Triskele Labs to conduct this type of assessment, you can provide real-world evidence of what would happen should a social engineering attack be successful.

Why Triskele Labs?
  • Expert Social Engineers - Test Us!
  • 100% Success Rate
  • Varied Attack Techniques
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Our Process May Include


Typically on-site, the Triskele Labs team assume the role of a visiting Executive, telco, or IT repair service etc to gain access to sensitive areas without authorisation. This may include general work areas, sever rooms and/or mail rooms. The goal is to gain access and then further leverage this access through the organisation.

Trusted Authority

Either over the phone, via email or other forms of communication, Triskele Labs will assume the role of a trusted authority such as the internal IT team. This persona will then be utilised to convince users to provide sensitive information such as access to systems through revealing legitimate passwords.

Dumpster Diving

Unsurprisingly, a considerable amount of sensitive information is disposed of in an insecure manner. The Triskele Labs team will attempt to retrieve sensitive information without general waste that may be able to be leveraged to gain further access to your organisation.

We have worked with some of the best companies across the globe

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Regional Australia Bank

As one of Australia's leading mutual banks, it is imperative Regional Australia Bank ensures appropriate cybersecurity controls are implemented. When they needed a cybersecurity partner, the team at Regional Australia Bank turned to Triskele Labs to draw on our vast experience and ensure proactive controls are implemented.

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Assessments May Include

  • Secure Disposal
  • Policy Adherence
  • Policy Awareness
  • Incident Reporting
  • Sensitive Area Security
  • System Compromise
  • Preventative Controls
  • Access Controls

Comprehensive Reporting

Following Social Engineering, a comprehensive report will be provided.

Evidence Based Testing

Social Engineering Testing allows you to provide evidence of compromise.

Train Staff

Successful Social Engineering provides a teaching moment for all staff.

Reduce Risk

Identifying areas of physical weakness allows you to close the gaps and reduce risk.

Keep in Touch

Triskele Labs is built on a partnership approach. We appreciate face to face discussions over a Video Conference and ensure regular touch points with all of our clients. Reach out today to discuss any of your cybersecurity needs.

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