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Awareness Training

Cybersecurity is made up of three key pillars; people, process and technology. To ensure you have Defence in Depth, it is important to ensure a cyber aware culture across your organisation. Employees must understand the importance of information so they take appropriate steps and implement the right controls. Triskele Labs cybersecurity awareness training programs are built to empower employees to make the right decision and protect themselves, systems and information against ongoing threats.

Why Triskele Labs?

  • Computer-based And Face-to-Face Training
  • Interactive Awareness Programs
  • Customised Programs
  • Experts In Everything We Do

Create the first line of defence with the right security awareness training

Create a Cyber Aware Culture

We deliver face-to-face specialised training at your office for all your staff or a subset. All programs are built specifically to meet your needs on the topics needed most. Our experienced team deliver engaging training including simulations and war stories.
Starting at $99 / User / Year, our professionally designed Computer Based Training (CBT) modules can be delivered as a one off or year round. Hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS) or yours, we ensure your staff are continually up-to-date.
To ensure continual awareness, Triskele Labs deliver cybersecurity communication materials including posters, ongoing newsletters, infographics, wallpaper and mouse-pads. These items assist to change the culture and drive the cybersecurity awareness message.
Everyone must undergo awareness training; however, executives require different content. Our specialist team deliver on-site executive awareness programs to ensure a common understanding that cybersecurity starts at the top.
Our internally developed phishing platform is offered as a managed services to execute one-off or ongoing phishing simulations. With successful awareness for “victims” the Triskele Labs services (PhishAway) offers complete end-to-end operations.
All our awareness programs are focused on changing perceptions and developing a cyber aware culture. It is imperative staff understand the controls being implemented are to reduce risk. We empower employees and provide them with the tools they need.

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