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Dark Web Monitoring

Do you know who is abusing your brand?

Do you know what is out there about you on the open, dark and deep webs? Someone could be abusing your brand to send out phishing emails, further attack your organisation or worse still; sell information that has already been compromised. If you are not monitoring all of these sources, you have no idea what is out there about you. Anything could be going on that could point to a cyber attack that may have already occurred.

Through our Security Operations Centre, Triskele Labs offer monitoring of the open, deep and dark web to identify information about your business. This could include typo-squatting where an attacker registers a name similar to yours to launch attacks, passwords for user accounts being bought and sold, or worse still, full databases of your customer data being bought and sold.

our monitoring includes

Open Web Monitoring

Do you have the ability to identify squatting domains, mentions about you on Social Media or other websites hackers use to share data?

-- Accessible
-- Indexed for Search Engines
-- Little illegal activity
-- Relatively small in size

Identify what is openly available

The Triskele Labs team conduct 24x7x365 monitoring of sites like pastebin, twitter and domain registries for mentions about your brand. If we find something, we either notify you or lodge a take-down to minimise the damage that has been done.

Deep Web Monitoring

Did you know the Internet goes deeper than what Google knows? Only 4 percent of Internet content is visible to the general public, and the other 96 percent is hidden behind the deep web. This is where financial information if often bought and sold.

-- Accessible by password, encryption, or through gateway software
-- Not indexed for Search Engines
-- Little illegal activity outside of Dark Web
-- Huge in size and growing exponentially

Has someone stolen information about your organisation?

If you do not monitor the deep web, you could be at risk. Deep web content is believed to be about 500 times bigger than normal search content, and it mostly goes unnoticed by regular search engines. The Triskele Labs team monitor these sources around the clock to identify information that is not otherwise available which could point to an attack.

Dark Web Monitoring

The Dark Web really is a scary place. This is where passwords are required to secret forums, or invitations needed to gain access. This is where the worst of the worst happens and could be where a Russian crime group is planning an attack on your organisation.

-- Restricted to special browsers
-- Not indexed for Search Engines
-- Large scale illegal activity
-- Un-measurable due to nature

Monitor for a crime gang planning an attack

Utilising specifically crafted techniques, the Triskele labs team have access to password protected and invite only forums that sit behind The Onion Ring (TOR) network. Our trusted advisors continually monitor these sources for our monitored company details. If there is even a remote mention about your company, the Triskele Labs team will have the best chance of being notified no matter the time of day.

dark web monitoring is not as expensive as you think


$3,500 / Month

Entry level monitoring with no customisation.

1 Domain Monitoring

250 Email Addresses

0 Custom Fields (e.g. CC #s)

Open Web

Deep Web

Dark Web

24x7x365 Monitoring


$5,500 / Month 

Larger organisation that seek some form of custom monitoring.

2 Domains Monitored

500 Email Addresses

1 Custom Field (unlimited)

Open Web

Deep Web

Dark Web

24x7x365 Monitoring


$8,000 / Month 

Small Enterprises needing custom searches and curation.

5 Domains Monitored

1000 Email Addresses

3 Custom Fields (unlimited)

Open Web

Deep Web

Dark Web

24x7x365 Monitoring


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For those Enterprises that need a lot of customisaiton.

5+ Domains

1000+ Email Addresses

3+ Custom Fields

Open Web

Deep Web

Dark Web

24x7x365 Monitoring

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