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DefenceShield Advanced

Imagine if your Managed Security Services Provider could not only identify suspicious activity; but take action to implement controls to block this activity?

This is a reality with the DefenceShield Advanced offering leveraging a standalone fully equipped Security Orchestration Automation & Remediation (SOAR) solution.

DefenceShield Advanced – Around the clock automated resolution of suspicious activity

Reduce MTTD

The average Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) is approximately 206 days from when an attack is launched. Leveraging DefenceShield Advanced can reduce this to less than 30 seconds.

Reduce MTTR

Research from CrowdStrike shows Russian attackers are in and out of your network in <19 minutes. DefenceShield Advanced reduces the Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) to less than 2 minutes in 90% of scenarios.

Advanced Analytics

The average analyst utilises 3 Threat Intelligence platforms to make an informed decision. DefenceShield Advanced utilises 28 of the world’s best Threat Intelligence Platforms in 30 seconds.

We don't just pull the fire alarm

When we identify incidents at 2am in the morning, the DefenceShield team can take action to block threats following your change management procedure without getting you out of bed.
  • We integrate with AD to block user accounts for owned accounts
  • We put in firewall rules to block traffic when we see something malicious
  • We integrate with your endpoint technology to isolate the machine if we find ransomware
  • We integrate with your mail platform to take action - blocking senders and deleting junk
  • DefenceShield Advanced currently integrates into 338 security products and counting
  • Targeted Threat Modelling to develop appropriate playbooks and allow for automated response

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