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DefenceShield Hunt

What would you give to have a team of ethical hackers continually conducting attack simulations on your environment to ensure our defences are working? This is exactly what DefenceShield Hunt provides. Ongoing Red Teaming following the Cyber Killchain and ATT&CK Framework to ensure that all of our detection capabilities are working to identify the real bad guys.

Through the Triskele Labs red team, real world attacks will be launched against your company to see how you defend. Your team will not be informed when this is happening and real attack scenarios will be utilised to breach your company in a controlled and effective manner, allowing you to plug the gaps!

How do you know all your defences are working properly unless you are consistently testing them?

Test Defences

Our team utilise all the tools at their disposal, working on a monthly basis to build attack chains to get access to your environment. We may begin with a spear phishing attack or physical attack that leads to internal access and build from here.

Always Testing

The DefenceShield Hunt team mimic the actions or a real attacker. We work out of hours and on weekends to ensure that your defence processes are functioning around the clock. The bad guys don’t work Monday – Friday 9-5 and neither do we.

Purple Team

When engaging the DefenceShield Hunt team, all results are shared with the DefenceShield monitor team to ensure use cases are written to pickup unidentified activity. A purple team is formed to continuous defensive improvements.

Highly Unique Approach

We start by conducting a multi day attack simulation of your network. We then deploy a custom built agent onto all your endpoints which allow us to test multiple attack chains aligned with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

Response Testing

DefenceShield Hunt tests your teams response capabilities. We ensure a single stakeholder is aware this is a test, ensuring the rest of the team believe a real attack is occurring, causing an effective test of Incident Response processes.

Ongoing Reporting

We leverage online reporting tools such as VECTR.io to align with common framework such as the ATT&CK Framework and ensure you are receiving realtime results and can commence plugging the gaps immediately.

Leveraging the ATT&CK Framework

Every day, attacks are being launched against your company. From phishing to social engineering; you engage the best defences to protect your organisation. But, how do you know these defences are working? Penetration Testing, right? This only tests a limited scope over a short amount of time after the Penetration Testing team have been told Penetration Testing is occurring. How do you really test defences? Red Teaming.

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