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DefenceShield Monitor

Our core service offering, DefenceShield monitor provides NextGeneration Log Management to identify attackers in your environment around the clock. We leverage technologies from some of the leading SIEM and Threat Intelligence providers to paint a picture of what is normal in your environment and then conduct Threat Hunting to find the bad guys.

DefenceShield monitor is leveraged by organisations across Australia including Banks, Health Insurers, Retailers, Defence Contractor, Hospitals and Not for Profits. It is a scalable solution for organisation from 20 users through to 20,000 to ensure we grow with you as you expand.

Starting at $5k / Month – Can you afford not to deploy DefenceShield?

SIEM - Log Management

We leverage the latest NextGen SIEM technologies to conduct aggregation. Our team conduct threat hunting on the logs collected. All are stored in an AWS Sydney ISO27001 instance with absoloutely zero multitenancy.

User Behaviour Analytics

Providing unique Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to create baselines of user activity, not just watching the machines like other SIEM technologies.

Detection & Response

We identify strange processes running on all endpoints where our agent is deployed. Expect Word to open 7 processes but we see 8, we know there is something strange going on.

File Integrity Monitoring

Wondering what files an attacker is changing to move laterally through your network? Our agent monitors commonly attacked files to quickly identify if someone is in our network.

Deception Technology

Our team deploy a honeypot such as a fake payroll system with insecure ports exposed into your environment, enticing an attacker to scan it and gain early insights of a potential attack.

High Levels of Integration

Our SIEM is in the top right of the magic quadrant to ensure we can integrate with all types of technologies including firewalls, network devices and endpoint security products.

Supported by our Service Delivery

We take pride in our Service Delivery and it is why we boast an Exceptional Net Promoter Score (NPS) rating. DefenceShield Monitor is backed by our outstanding Service Delivery to ensure you receive the best level of service possible.

  • Onsite or Remote Installation
  • Dedicated Professional Service Desk
  • Regular Compliance Reporting
  • Access to our highly skilled team
  • Regular Service Delivery Meetings

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