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DefenceShield Overview

Do you know what’s happening on your network right now? Is there an attacker trying to get in, or worse still, is there someone already on your network, moving silently and stealing all your data, without you knowing?

Enter, DefenceShield – a 100% Australian-based, ISO27001-certified, 24x7x365 security operations centre. Our team keeps an eye on your network to quickly identify possible actors on your network before they can cause damage!

At Triskele Labs, our highly experienced staff leverage award-winning tools to provide unrivalled visibility over your network, around the clock. Our goal is to identify and stop the bad guys before they can cause damage. We are the team that defends your operations – through our security operations centre – when you need it the most.

Our solutions start at $5000 a month - can you afford not to?

Our defensive team becomes an extension of your team, keeping an eye on your data around the clock. Our experts run your security operations centre to deliver end-to-end services. Some of the services you can look forward to by leveraging DefenceShield include:

  • 24x7x365 monitoring by our 100% Australian-based team
  • Ongoing vulnerability scanning to protect your IT environment
  • Dedicated service desk for around-the-clock communication
  • Exceptional service delivery including regular update meetings
  • We provide the necessary technology and licensing - you have just one supplier to trust
  • Access to a highly skilled red team to ensure your cybersecurity is up-to-date

The average time taken to detect an incident is 197 days. Can you afford to become just another statistic?

What does DefenceShield Provide?

Threat detection

We pull threat intelligence feeds from leading providers to add context to all of the data we’re seeing to ensure we are constantly up-to-date.


Compliance reporting

Our team provides frequent reports on all information and metrics required. Many of our clients utilise these reports to provide management teams an overview of cybersecurity within the business.

Real-time visibility

We help you find the needle in the haystack. Our processes are customised to your environment to identify malicious activity. Your operations are monitored 24x7x365 by our team.

Only the latest technology

Our tools leverage Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence manned by our highly experienced team to find the needle in the haystack often missed by traditional SIEM technologies.

Anomaly detection

Traditional SIEM technologies just monitor machines. We watch users, day and night, to identify strange behaviour. All users are baselined and if something is amiss, we let you know.

Unprecedented integration

All our tools integrate with each other and into your environment. Our technology ensures that we can integrate into on-premise, cloud and even third party systems.

24x7x365 responsiveness

Our Incident Response team works around the clock to ensure we are there when you need us, rain, hail or shine! We don’t leave you in the dark.

100% onshore hosting and support

All data is stored in an ISO27001-compliant, Australian-based data centre. Stringent security controls are applied to your data.

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