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ISO27001 Consulting

Without knowing it, your cybersecurity processes are built on the basis of ISO27001, as this was one of the original frameworks for information security. While it is a compliance framework, many organisations choose to align with ISO27001, while some choose to certify.

The team at Triskele Labs are ISO27001 specialists who assist organisations to build Information Security Management Frameworks (ISMSs) for either best practice or certification. We have built countless ISMSs for our customers and taken countless through the certification process, through our close relationship with a number of certification bodies.

Whether you are looking to build an ISMSs for best practice or utilise part of the framework to meet other compliance needs (such as CPS234 or PCI), the team at Triskele Labs have expert knowledge and are here to help. Combined with our other end-to-end service offerings, we can assist to implement a full ISMS.

Some of the fantastic clients we work with include:

Why Triskele Labs?

  • 100% success rate for compliance
  • 30+ ISMSs built
  • Lead Auditors and Lead Implementers
  • Cybersecurity is all we do

Why Triskele Labs?

  • 100% success rate for compliance
  • 30+ ISMSs built
  • Lead Auditors and Lead Implementers
  • Cybersecurity is all we do

Trust Us to Build Your Information Security Management System

The team will work with you to define the framework and ensure the appropriate approach. This forms the Statement of Applicability and is critical to the overall process.

A gap assessment is key to ensuring we understand the current controls, future plans and can assess what is needed for compliance. If compliance is not currently achieved, this forms the roadmap to meeting compliance needs.

A scoping exercise will be conducted to identify the parts of the business requiring controls. This ensures appropriate efforts are put in on a risk-based approach.

A Risk Assessment is fundamental to the ISMS. We will conduct this assessment based on the scope, utilising the Statement of Applicability.

Where risks are identified, Risk Treatment Plans (RTPs) will be developed which can then be implemented internally, or through our remediation offering.

Utilising the RTPs, a roadmap for remediation will be developed that outlines the controls required to resolve issues taking a risk-based approach.

ISO27001 allows the development of maturity reporting. The Triskele Labs team will develop these reporting metrics to ensure stakeholders are continually aware.

Our team can assist to develop the policies, processes and procedures required for ISO27001. These are specific documents developed to meet your needs.

We have a full suite of offerings to resolve any gaps identified. Our team can implement these controls to close gaps and ensure certification or simply, best practice.

The Triskele Labs team can take the role of your internal audit team to ensure the requirements of ISO27001 are being met across your organisation.

It is integral to any ISMS to ensure ongoing internal audits. The Triskele Labs team can take on this role to ensure your organisation is continually conforming.

We are ISO27001 experts; you can trust us with your compliance needs. Our Security Team as a Service offering provides assurance that your ISMS is being adhered to and will pass ongoing audits.


  • Information Security Policy
  • Organisation of Information Security
  • Human Resources Security
  • Asset Management
  • Access Control
  • Cryptography
  • Physical & Environmental Security
  • Operations Security
  • Communications Security
  • Systems Development
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Incident Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Compliance

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