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Attack Simulation

Do you truly know where the vulnerabilities are within your network and how a targeted attack could gain access to your systems and information? You probably feel confident that you get a penetration test done annually, or possibly even twice a year. What about when an attacker makes a decision to focus on your company [...]
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DefenceShield Overview

Do you know what's happening on your network right now? Is there an attacker trying to get in, or worse still, is there someone already on your network, moving silently and stealing all your data, without you knowing? Enter, DefenceShield - a 100% Australian-based, ISO27001-certified, 24x7x365 security operations centre. Our team keeps an eye on [...]
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External Network Penetration Testing

Your external network is the border to your most sensitive systems and information. If this can be compromised, an attacker could have access to your whole environment. Worse still, they could take over your whole business or delete all your information. A breach of your network would result in considerable reputation damage. Triskele Labs External [...]
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