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Triskele Labs is a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company, which means we can assist all companies requiring PCI compliance. From Self Assessment Questionnaires (SAQs) to Reports on Compliance (ROC), Triskele Labs have assisted countless companies to meet their compliance requirements.

While we are auditors, we also assist with remediation and implementing controls so you can ensure compliance. Several of our services, including Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Scanning and our 24x7x365 Australian Based Security Operations Centre (SOC), can be implemented to meet compliance, should you not have these in place.

Some of the fantastic clients we work with include:

Why Triskele Labs?

  • Australian-based PCI QSA company
  • Specialists in all things cybersecurity
  • More than just a checklist auditor
  • We also assist with remediation

We Assist With All PCI Requirements

We are a PCI QSA company and can audit your environment. Our Governance, Risk and Compliance team have undertaken countless ROCs to certify compliance for our clients and provide assurance on their PCI compliance.

Our team assists clients to conduct Self Assessment Questionnaires when they are not quite sure what is required. We are a specialist PCI company and know exactly what is needed across your business to ensure compliance.

Been asked for your PCI compliance and not sure where to start? The Triskele Labs team can come onsite and conduct a gap assessment to identify the controls required to develop a plan for you to meet compliance requirements.

Need general advice and guidance to meet your PCI Compliance? Triskele Labs is an expert PCI advisor and has relationships with the Big 4 Banks and several other processes. This means we provide ongoing and timely advice.

The Triskele Labs team can assist to implement all PCI requirements. We have assisted countless organisations with building their PCI compliance framework and program which has resulted in successful compliance.

We form trusted relationships with all of our clients. Many of our PCI clients have been utilising Triskele Labs services for repeated assessments, given our approach as more than just an auditor, which helps us form long-lasting partnerships.


  • Full Onsite Review
  • Detailed Scoping
  • Data Flow Analysis
  • Gap Analysis
  • ROC
  • SAQ
  • Remediation
  • Maintenance

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