Penetration Testing &
Cyber Assurance

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With data more valuable than oil, it is important to understand the vulnerabilities facing your systems before they can be exploited and your data stolen. Our highly experienced and CREST registered Penetration Testing team rigorously test and analyse your networks and systems to identify weaknesses and gaps in controls.

Our Penetration testing covers all platforms and technologies and are conducted in a secure and controlled environment. Simulated attacks are based on methodologies and techniques that mimic a real adversary attack. A full security audit will evaluate potential entry points and provide an accurate appraisal of risks and security issues.

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Web Applications

It is important to test your Web Applications to identify issues such as Cross Site Scripting and SQL Injection. All testing is aligned with the OWASP Top 10 to ensure we are aligning with industry standards and best practices.

Wireless Networks

Wireless networks can emit signals outside of your office. It is important to ensure appropriate security controls are in place and your wireless network is configured properly. The Triskele Labs team conduct testing to ensure only authorised users have access.

Internal Network

We thoroughly test resources such as software, servers and work stations to evaluate what data assets are exposed to exploitation.  Identifying network segmentation vulnerabilities is the most cost-effective way to detect attack vectors an adversary may use when access to an internal network is gained.

Secure Code Review

A code review will dig deeper into your applications to find vulnerabilities that may not be exploitable right now, however may cause an issue later with a future change. The Triskele Labs team recommend teaming a code review with Penetration Testing.

External Network

Testing of all externally facing hosts and services such as; remote access, mail, VPN, telephony, and all other business critical externally accessible ports is critical to ensuring that your organisation has the best chance at defending against a targeted attack.

Social Engineering & Red Teaming

Determine levels of vulnerability through simulated campaigns that mimic an engineered scam. Methods such as email phishing and red teaming test employees as part of an education program to test their susceptibility and cyber awareness.

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CREST Certified

Triskele Labs are a CREST Registered company and all Triskele Labs team members are CREST Registered. This means you get the best of the best for all your testing needs.

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Real Time Portal

Sick of waiting for reports? Triskele Labs have developed a portal so you can view your issues as testing is happening, allowing you to start fixing issues immediately.


Secure File Share

Tired of searching for emailed reports? Triskele Labs shares all files securely via our MFA and IP Whitelisted portal. No more searching a password SMS from 2 years ago.

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