Red Teaming
Where is your biggest risk?

Simulation of real attacks to test your defences.

Every day attacks are being launched against your company. From phishing to social engineering; you engage the best defences to protect your organisation. But, how do you know these defences are working? Penetration Testing, right? This only tests a limited scope over a short amount of time after the Penetration Testing team have been told Penetration Testing is occurring. How do you really test defences? Red Teaming.

Through the Triskele Labs red team, real world attacks will be launched against your company to see how you defend. Your team will not be informed when this is happening and real attack scenarios will be utilised to breach your company in a controlled and effective manner, allowing you to plug the gaps!

Isn't red teaming just penetration testing?

Simulate Real World Attacks

You engage Penetration Testers to attack your Web Applications before release, or internal testing once a year. What happens after the release, or during the year? Find out with the Triskele Labs red team who simulate real world attacks to gain access to sensitive information.

Phishing through to Command & Control

The Triskele Labs team will launch basic and sophisticated attacks against your organisation. This could include an embedded marco in an email attachment that launches malware, or social engineering to bypass physical controls. The options are endless.

Improve Response Capability

You know know how your response team stands up if you don't test them. The last thing you want to be doing is testing your incident response strategy while you're under attack.

Know ahead of time

Testing your defences is key to ensuring you can respond properly. If you are not undertaking red teaming, you are not properly testing your response plans.

Ensure the right tools are in place

If the Triskele Labs red team can easily bypass your mail filter, so can the bad guys. The red team installs malware, so can the bad guys. Red teaming tests these controls to ensure the right technology is in place.

Be informed early

When the red team is able to bypass your defences, we will notify you immediately, allowing you to fix the issues. There is no need to wait for a lengthy report, all content is available within the Triskele Labs service desk allowing you to quickly and easy make the required changes.

We have simplified pricing so you are not left wondering.


$1,450 / Month

Ideal for those just starting out to easily identify the weaknesses.

1 Attack Simulation per Month

Realtime Reporting in onine dashboard

No email filtering bypass

Off the shelf malware

No Physical Social Engineering

No wireless network attacks

No monthly reporting

Minimum 12 months commitment


$2,950 / Month 

Suited for those with mature security wanting to test defences.

3 Attack Simulations per Month

Realtime Reporting in onine dashboard

Some email filtering bypass

Some customised malware

No Physical Social Engineering

Limited wireless network attacks

Templated monthly reporting

Minimum 12 months commitment


$5,750 / Month 

For those with advanced defences who seek to continually test.

5 Attack Simulations per Month

Realtime Reporting in onine dashboard

Full email filtering bypass

Fully customised malware

Physical Social Engineering

Wireless network attacks

Customised monthly reporting

Minimum 12 months commitment


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To date, we have never failed getting to the critical data during a Red Teaming exercise.

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