All of your staff must receive cybersecurity awareness training to ensure they can identify potential attacks and respond appropriately. Triskele Labs develops comprehensive training programs for organisations including general awareness, specific developer awareness and executive briefings.

When teamed with our managed simulated phishing service, Triskele Labs offers a holistic approach to Information Security awareness training. See below for more details.

Why Triskele Labs?
  • Onsite & Computer Based Training
  • Tangible Resouces
  • Quizzes and Exams
  • Captivating & Gamified Training

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Secure Developer Training

The key operation for all developers is to ensure applications work. Very rarely is there a high consideration for ensuring security controls are implemented from the outset as few developers have bee

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Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity is made up of three key pillars; people, process and technology. To ensure you have a Defence in Depth, it is important to ensure a cyber aware culture across your organisation. Employee

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We have worked with some of the best companies across the globe

Find out more about some of our amazing work

Regional Australia Bank

As one of Australia's leading mutual banks, it is imperative Regional Australia Bank ensures appropriate cybersecurity controls are implemented. When they needed a cybersecurity partner, the team at Regional Australia Bank turned to Triskele Labs to draw on our vast experience and ensure proactive controls are implemented.

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Topics We Cover

  • User Awareness Training
  • Developer Training
  • Manager Training
  • Executive Training
  • Non-Technical Sesssions
  • Highly Technical Sessions

1 on 1 or Group Sessions

Our training is delivered to meet your needs. This can be either as a group, or one-on-one.


All our training can be delivered on-site and nationwide to meet your needs.

SCORM Compliant

Our CBT courses are all SCORM compliant so they can be hosted on any LMS.

Free Demos

We provide a free demo of all our CBT courses so you know what you're getting before you buy.

Keep in Touch

Triskele Labs is built on a partnership approach. We appreciate face to face discussions over a Video Conference and ensure regular touch points with all of our clients. Reach out today to discuss any of your cybersecurity needs.

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