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DJ Naronikar

DJ Naronikar

Cybersecurity Advisory Lead

DJ leads the advisory team to ensure clients’ strategic outcomes are delivered across people, process and technology. He approaches cybersecurity from a data perspective, ensuring controls are applied based on the risk to the information retained by the company. He ensures that controls do not compromise usability and implements strategic, tactical and operational controls. Outside of Triskele Labs, he is the ISC2 Melbourne Chapter President, to ensure he keeps his knowledge current.

DJ's passions include

  • Ensuring all deliverables meet clients needs and don't just sit on a shelf
  • Assisting clients to reduce risk through implementation of practical controls
  • Working side by side with clients to implement controls
  • Forming long-term ongoing relationships with clients
  • Delivering all projects to meet client expectations around quality and time
  • Listening to clients needs and delivering appropriately

DJ's skills include

  • Executive Presentations and Stakeholder Management
  • Cybersecurity Strategy and Architecture
  • APRA and all Prudential Standard Management
  • ISO27001 Audits and Implementation
  • Cloud Security and DevOps
  • Data Governance and appropriate management