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Jason Hilton

Jason Hilton

SecOps Technical Lead

Jason is a subject matter expert in the Triskele Labs SOC and proprietary systems, specialising in security and system administration. He is experienced in training and coaching clients with on-site troubleshooting and provision of customised solutions. Using his background in security and system administration, Jason is always refining his skills by keeping up to date with current technology. Apart from his education and experience in the cybersecurity sector, Jason is also skilled in areas such as IT audits, IT service management, IT strategy and operations, IT security policies, security best practices and security assessments.

Jason's passions include

  • Delivering technical security controls to reduce risk for clients
  • Working to implement technical controls while reducing budgets
  • Optimising current controls and leveraging existing functions
  • Researching new technologies
  • Performing Systems Administrator functions that can assist with cybersecurity
  • Working with clients to guide them through a technical journey

Jason's skills include

  • Network Security
  • Security Incident Response
  • SIEM Technologies
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Virtualisation Technologies
  • Managed Security Services